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Photo Left:  Jackson Military Road cut exiting Washington, Arkansas, to the North East (2005)

This web site is intended to provide information for students and classrooms that have

interest in the route and history of the Old Southwest Trail in Arkansas.




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SWT Research Guide



Pre-historic maps from earliest to 1803



Maps from 1803 to 1835


Early Statehood to 1861

Maps from 1836 to 1861


Government Land Office Maps, 1815 to ca. 1855


Existing Monuments

This is a table of monuments, markers, etc., known to exist along the length of the probable route.


Feature Coordinates

This page provides the reader with known monuments, markers, houses, crossings, etc.,  their GPS and UTM coordinates and a reference to the map needed to locate the particular marker.

The Matrix

High Roads, Low Roads and Cross Roads that joined, crossed the RMN (Road of Many Names) during the period under study.



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