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Photo Left:  Jackson Military Road cut exiting Washington, Arkansas, to the North East (2005)

This web site is intended to provide information for students and classrooms that have

interest in the route and history of the Old Southwest Trail in Arkansas.




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  1806:  King, Nich  Map of the Red River in Louisiana from the Spanish camp where the exploring party of the U.S. was met by the Spanish troops to where it enters the Mississippi, reduced from the protracted courses and corrected to the latitude / by Nichs. King.

  1806:   Lafon Carte générale du territoire d'Orléans comprenant aussi la Floride Occidentale et une portion du territoire du Mississipi / dresée d'après les observations les plus récentes par Bmi. Lafon, ingénieur géographe à la N[ouve]lle. Orléans.

  1810:  Arrowsmith, Aaron ; Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859  Mexico and Adjacent Provinces.

   1814:  Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839. Missouri territory formerly Louisiana [], (June 24,2005). 1814

  1816:  Darby, William ; Melish, John    Short Title: A Map of the State of Louisiana.

   1818:   Darby, William, 1775-1854.  Map of the United States including Louisiana.

  1823:  Melish, JohnUnited States with the contiguous British & Spanish Possessions

  1825  Bradley, AbrahamMap of the United States : intended chiefly to exhibit the Post Roads & distances.

  1833:  Holmes ; Cruchley, G.  Fredonia Or The United States of North America









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