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Photo Left:  Jackson Military Road cut exiting Washington, Arkansas, to the North East (2005)

This web site is intended to provide information for students and classrooms that have

interest in the route and history of the Old Southwest Trail in Arkansas.




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Holmes ; Cruchley, G.Date:1833Short Title:Fredonia Or The United States of North America.Publisher:London: G. CruchleyType:Case MapObj Height cm:64Obj Width cm:97Scale 1:570,000Note:The third edition (although I can detect no changes from the first issue of 1830). Has the note in the lower left explaining the origin of the term of Fredonia. This map is the only one I have seen that copies almost literally three earlier maps: Lewis and Clark (1814), Long (1822), and Arrowsmith's Mexico (1820). Laurie used the term Fredonia, we may assume, to create a novelty of his map, in the same manner as his "Cabotia" map of 1814. Has the original case with label, and an advertisement for Crunchley's publications on the verso of the map. W. Heckrotte has another edition dated 1834 improved to 1836 (with changes in California based on John Arrowsmith's Map of British North America, 1834), and the second edition of 1832. The western topography is changed to incorporate Arrowsmith's map of 1834 (British North America) and an independent Texas is shown. Editions seen of 1830, 1832, 1834, 1836, 1849. It appears that the map was updated frequently in order to keep it current. It is an excellent and beautiful map.Reference:cf Wheat 393 (1830 ed); Streeter 3845, 3846.Country:United States ; MexicoFull Title:Fredonia Or The United States of North America; Including Also Cabotia, Or The Canadian Provinces; The Western Territory To The Pacific Ocean; And the Northern Part of the Mexican States. 14th August, 1830. Additions 1833.



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