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Photo Left:  Jackson Military Road cut exiting Washington, Arkansas, to the North East (2005)

This web site is intended to provide information for students and classrooms that have

interest in the route and history of the Old Southwest Trail in Arkansas.




County Articles
News & Updates
Photo Gallery
SWT Research Guide


Note:  This is an outline of the web site's pages.


I. Contents

II. News



    C. Press Releases

        1. Gerstaeker

        2. Arkansas Chapter Trail of Tears

        3. Arkansas Trail of Tears Article (Akridge, S.)


    E. Idea Exchange   


   III. Mapping

    A. Colonial

        1. Carte de la Louisiane, 1744

        2. Map of Louisiana, 1757

        3. Arrowsmith, 1795

    B. Territorial

        1. Bmi. Lafon, 1806

        2. Nichs. King, 1806

        3. Arrowsmith, 1810

        4. Carey, 1814

        5. Darby, 1816

        6. Darby, 1818

        7. Melish, 1823

        8. Bradley, 1825

        9. Holmes, 1833

    C. Early Statehood

        1. GLOs

         2. Maps

            a. Gatriot, 1837 (State Papers)

            b. Gatriot, 1837 (Defenses of . . .)

            c. Hubert, 1840

            d. Shall’s Colton, 1854

            e. Couzens, 1861

    D. The Matrix: "Why the Military Road"

    E. Townships of Interest (with Township Map)

    F. Jackson Military Road with Modern Map Relationship

    IV. Research

        A. Chronology

        B. Photo Gallery

        C. Native American Context

            1. Prehistoric

                a.  G. Akridge Article

            3. Choctaw

            4. Caddo

         D.   Research Resource Guide

    E. County Articles

            1. Arkansas Articles

                a. Randolph       

                b. Lawrence

                c. Independence

                d. White

                e. Lonoke

                f. Pulaski

                g. Saline

                h. Hot Springs

                i. Clark

                j. Pike

                k. Nevada

                l. Hempstead

                m. Sevier

                n. Little River

                o. Miller

                p. General Articles

        2. Missouri Articles

                a. Ripley


        4. General: Jackson Military Road Legislation

    F. Bibliography

    G. Links

    H. Journals

           1. Meetch

           2.  Moores

    I. Definitions and Limitations

    J. Ferry Traffic

    K. Pioneers and Settlers

            1. "Just Passing Through"

            2. Pioneers and Settlers

    L. African American Context

    M. National Historic Register (List and Photos)

    V. Culture



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